Where did yesterday's tutorial go?

Each tutorial is only featured in the main spot for one day. For about a week after that the tutorial will still be on the front page in the 'Recently Featured Tutorials' area.  All of past the tutorials can also be found on the 'Free Tutorial Archives' page (see button directly above this) sorted into 9 different categories.

And don't forget, our site is searchable! Type in any search term like 'apron, ruffles, or quilt block' and see what comes up!

How can I enter the giveaway?

Click on the 'Giveaway' button above to read about our current giveaway. We are trying out a new widget (Punchtab)  to help us with our giveaways. If you have any questions or comments about it, please email us at caroline@sewcanshe.com.

How can I advertise on SewCanShe.com?

Click here for advertising information.

Why haven't I heard back about my tutorial submission?

We receive many tutorial submissions each week and unfortunately it is impossible for us to respond to all of them. Our tutorial calendar is booked several months in advance, so if you submitted a holiday themed tutorial less than a month before that holiday, chances are we can't fit it in and may have to save it til next year. If we have already scheduled a tutorial that is similar to yours we might hold onto it for a few months and then let you know.

We judge submissions based mostly on clarity, photography, and uniqueness, so please make sure you have great photos and clear instructions. I wrote a blog post about what makes a super sewing tutorial. {Click here} to read it.