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Day 1 of Summer

The kids are out of school, yay! Did anyone else have a rough day on the first day of Summer? Today (yesterday) was our first day of Summer. Computer game time was limited to 1/2 hour per child with lots of whining. Rain postponed a trip to the community pool. A trip to the thrift store that was supposed to cheer everyone up turned into a tearful lost wallet experience (not my wallet, but still...). And dinner was bean soup. I am the only one who appreciated it.

So after this long and dreary first day of Summer I locked myself in my bedroom and quilted a quilt. Yes, the whole thing. I could not bring myself to stop. The house got quieter and quieter and soon all I could hear was my husband snoring on the couch.

When the quilt was done, I woke him up so he could go to bed and I could watch my favorite show. The quiet house is so pleasant. I really like it here at 1 a.m. I know I should go to bed, but I fear that as soon as I lay my head down morning will come all too quickly, along with day 2 of Summer. 

Heaven help me. Really.

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