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Me - looking silly trying to look cute

Last winter I featured a fabulously cute tutorial for an earwarmer by Delia of delia creates. {Here's the direct link. And here's the link to our 'Self Love' archive page where it also sits.} She looked so dang adorable in that earwarmer that I decided to make one for myself. I'm not going to post pics of Delia in her earwarmer here, because I think that would make my own pics look even sillier than they already are.  
Am I a mannequin?
What's the deal with all those people on fb and instagram and EVERYWHERE who take cute pictures of themselves? I tried for like an hour and came up with just a bunch of silliness.
Pointed camera too low
Pointed camera too high.
Finally noticed the red strings in my hair. :/

This one really shows off my ear warmer, (which did turn out fabulous) but could I look any cheesier?

BUT... I did find a way to make my terrible pictures look way better...
image editing software. 
Check it out...

I'm sure I could use photo shop to somehow get rid of that string, but then you'd KNOW that this was altered.

{by the way, this would look so sweet using striped knits from Girl Charlee... enter our current giveaway to win any three yards!}

Nighty night!

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